Products few USPs

  1. Both Chalk and Pen can used.

2. NFC is there to control the board in the classroom.

3. OPS is there to save your data. 

4. Scanner & Visualizer. 

5. Darkrooms not required to teach.

6. Integrated with LED touch screen, Black Board.

7. Visualizer.

8. Centralized Control System. 

9. Wireless Mouse, efficacy.

10. Speaker in built.

11.One key switch.

12. Preposition speaker with wireless MIC. 

13. Reducing burden of Teachers’voice.

14. Safety corner ( Doesn’t have sharp edges) 

15. Power supply from top of machine. 

16. Protection box for keyboard.

17. Can be writing with dust-free chalk, without dust, Protect Health.

18. Using anti-glare glass blue light filtering technology, Soft Light, Protect Eyesight.

19. Using the top Nano touch film projection type.

20. Capacitive Touch technology to achieve Multi Touch, makes close to true feelings of writing, more interactive.

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