We are happy to share with you that we have launched the latest Digital Blackboard in Indian market. It’s a perfect combination of tradition and modernity:

Some of the features are :

  • The equipment itself is highly integrated with writing, displaying and interactive illustration.
  • Display size 70, 75 & 86 inches.
  • Over all size of the IB is 4100x1250x88mm (13.45 x 4.1 feet and 3.5 inches thick)
  • IB is a fine combination of artistic simplicity and industrial integration.
  • On the right side of IB, a hidden visualizer helps your illustration with paper and document to be shown on big screen. There is an LED light at your disposal.
  • NFC system is also integrated into IB. Users can start or close IB by either his NFC card or the power button.
  • Right above the visualizer, there is another hidden box for placing the wireless mouse and keyboard.
  • We also integrated into microphone with 2*30W wooden case stereos in the front of side boards. High power speakers, Built-in high power amplifier,with the wireless MIC, clearly convey the teacher’s words to the students’ears,
  • IB is back up by an OPS that is an industrial computer. It makes hardware upgrade easy and maintenance convenient.
  • On the bottom of the middle board, there is a bottom to open or close the led screen.
  • When it is turned off, the middle board are the same like the side boards. IB consists of 2 toughened-glass blackboards on the sides and 1 capacitive touch screen board in the middle. All 3 boards are smooth in writting and easy in reading. Both traditional chalk and liquid chalk are good on it.
  • About Internet connection, IB is equipped with WIFI as well as cable connection.
  • Different inputs and outputs options
    RF (TV), HDMI, VGA, VGA AUDIO, Multi-Media (USB), YPbPr (MINI), AV (Red,White,Yellow)
    L, S-VIDEO, MIC Port, USB TOUCH, USB 2.0 4pcs, USB 3.0 2pcs, VGA OUT, Headset Output, AV OUT, Coaxial Output.
    The basic function of IB is the same like IPAD. You can surf the internet with a browser. The operation is easy. The touch is precise. The response is fast. You can magnify or deflate the screen vision with 2 fingers.
  • Our software TOUCHBOARD is not only easy to use, but also with a good combination for tools and teaching resources. As such a great software, it is free for our clients.
  • We also provide customization for internet cloud-based teaching platform.
  • The cloud system basically as 4 functions. It allows education minister to govern different schools, school management to supervise teachers, teachers to prepare and deliver classes, students to take exercises and review lessons.

All the above functions are internet-cloud-based. You can use the system anywhere in the world with internet access.

About our software for education based on touch design, it is clean and simple, easy to use and customization.

Diversified whiteboard educational software, Educational resource platform, Home-school platform, Network centralized control system.

IB is a great new era product. There are more functions and advantages not revealed in this short video. It is not only a great equipment of high integration, but more importantly an educational platform. We invite you to explore the great future with us! Thank you!

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